Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Amazon Live showcases your brand to a wide range of online shopping groups

 Amazon Live showcases your brand to a wide range of online shopping groups

Amazon Live is a relatively new feature that Amazon brands can use to connect with Amazon customers and present their products in real time.With Amazon Live, thousands of potential customers can be on your video feed in multiple locations on your com or Amazon app.

Why use Amazon Live?

Videos are the best way to show your products and how to use them.For the busy world we live in, this is the ideal solution to provide potential customers with an overview of your products.

In addition, live streaming is a great way to attract more Amazon shoppers and present your brand story in a visually appealing way.Since its launch, only a few brands have seized this opportunity,so live streaming on Amazon should be on your list of marketing efforts.This will help your brand position itself as innovative and customer-centric.

Who can use Amazon's Live Creator app?

The app is only available to brand owners who use the Seller Center and have the right to advertise within the Seller Center.Currently registered in the Amazon Brand Registry and on Amazon.professional Amazon sellers sold on com can use Amazon Live Creator.Vendor Central accounts can also use it.You can log in to Amazon Live Creator using your Seller Center/Brand Registry/vendor Center login credentials.

Where do consumers see live streaming?

Live streaming on is visible in different locations: on the details page of the product and on other pages viewed by Amazon customers.It can also be seen on the live page, where customers can find the live stream content and browse the recorded live stream.When you stream through the Amazon Live Creator app. there is no limit to the duration of the live stream, but the longer the live stream, the more likely shoppers will find your video on Amazon.

How often should I play it?

The duration and frequency of Amazon Live stream depends on the availability of the products and teams you offer.However, Amazon recommends streaming several times a week to attract shoppers.

Benefits of Amazon Live

Live streaming on Amazon gives businesses a powerful tool to engage with consumers while increasing sales and brand awareness.You can get creative with videos that answer consumer questions, or you can just demonstrate how to use the product.

How much does Amazon Live cost?

You can stream it for free on the product details page, the Amazon Store, and other pages.If you want to add more traffic to the live stream, you can pay to increase the volume of the live stream.