Sunday, 20 December 2020

Apple releases watchOS 7.2: better ECG features and new Fitness+

 Apple releases watchOS 7.2: better ECG features and new Fitness+

According to foreign media reports, recently, Apple released watchOS 7.2 to the public.The new version improves the ECG feature and starts supporting Fitness+.It is understood that Apple Watch software updates are usually accompanied by changes to the iPhone or new software features.In this update, Apple improved the ECG function,added VO2 measurement function, in addition to Apple Fitness+to the public.

Users can open the Watch app on the paired iPhone, click“My Watch(My Watch)”, then click“General(General)”,“Soft Update(Soft Update)”, and then install.Once downloaded, the app may ask for a password,and the installation can take place while the Apple Watch is charging.

In addition, users can also update directly on the Apple Watch,enter the Settings application, click general,and then Software Update,click Install.Users with the Automatic Update feature will receive the update during the next charging period after downloading and installing it.

Apple lists updates that attach API for HealthKit to ECG features.There are no details on what the update is, but it may improve the accuracy of the electrocardiogram.

This is the first known algorithm change since ECG was released with Apple Watch Series 4.

Coupled with iOS 14.3, users can now see their cardio fitness measurements through Apple Watch'S VO2 data.With this information, users can determine whether they have absorbed enough oxygen during exercise.This data can be found in the Health app and will only be recorded during workouts.

With the release of Apple Fitness+, Fitness+is available to all Watch users, all of which can be achieved after the update.Users who start exercising on an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV will be prompted to start exercising on their Apple Watch.

Users must have an Apple Watch to use Apple Fitness+, and the data obtained from the watch is displayed on the device used for the workout.