Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Borrow this means, your social media marketing effect increased by 10 times!

 Borrow this means, your social media marketing effect increased by 10 times!

With the development of Science and technology, the emergence of all kinds of social media platforms, social media marketing play at this stage showing a rich and diverse form, so that the market is full of vitality.But from the point of view of the brand owner, more in-depth market body, this complex social media structure of the brand marketing put forward insurmountable challenges.And in order to achieve this purpose of social media interaction, network red marketing is a powerful means to enhance social media interaction, because the fans of the Reds sticky high, so compared with advertising, the interaction of the Reds marketing better.The perfect combination of traditional social media marketing and influencer marketing creates a two-pronged and efficient strategy to help you increase brand awareness and social media engagement, and thus make your performance soar.

1.The difference between social media marketing and net red marketing

In network marketing, social media mainly refers to a comprehensive site with a network nature, and their content is provided voluntarily by the user, rather than a direct employment relationship.

Net red marketing refers to a particular field or community, to find famous and influential people, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity and recommendation of products, therefore, in this case, net red is the target market potential consumers in the authority and experts, potential customers have intuitive and measurable impact.

Net red marketing is essentially a kind of social media marketing, because net red marketing is also a marketing activity that occurs in social media.

Whether the brand is through advertising, content publishing or cooperation with net red,as long as the marketing behavior occurs on the social platform, then it belongs to the category of social media marketing.

2.Net red marketing essential

The phenomenon of net red is profoundly changing our way of life, with contemporary people's dependence on mobile devices allowing them to spend most of their precious leisure time on social media.In the past, when we wanted to buy a new product, we might ask a friend or family member for advice.Now, the first thing people think of is probably their favorite blogger.

According to SmallBizGenius infographic, over the past three years, the phrase has increased search volume on Google by 1500%, 93% of marketers have used the phrase.According to Business Insider, by 2022, the market size of net red marketing will reach $ 15 billion.49%of consumers consider products recommended by net red when shopping.When selling products, Amazon sellers can use net red marketing strategy, use net red influence to promote their products.It is worth noting that the number of fans of net red is not the most important factor in choosing to cooperate with net red, but depends on whether the fan is your product audience.

Compared with traditional advertising, effective net red marketing can save money and effort.Through cooperation with net Red, brands can easily convert fans ' trust and love of net red to their own brand, enhance brand awareness.This word-of-mouth organic communication perfectly eliminates millennials ' aversion to advertising.

3.Fans ' trust in net red

Every social networking site can be born net red,every social networking site is a communication channel.Instead of focusing on the spread of traditional channels, it is better to look at the APP list, where the crowd poured in, where the attention is focused.

Of course, the reason why net red can attract the attention of users, not only because of the choice of“the right channel”, but also because of the trust of fans to net red.Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, once mentioned that in this day and age, the people who can most influence your views and choices are family, friends and people you care about.These people are more likely to break the barriers of communication, and net red can play two or three roles at a time, how can not affect the consumer's shopping choices?

4.Two swords together.

The traditional social media marketing model is the way brands compete for public domain traffic in mass communication, as long as the money to invest more, advertising play more, there is a chance to get more traffic.But over time, consumers are becoming more sensitive to advertising, conversion rates are beginning to decline, and the cost of obtaining customers is also getting higher and higher.In the case of consumers are not very familiar with the brand, advertising is difficult to gain their trust.And net red marketing can widely expand the coverage of its products for brands.Net red through video and other forms of soft grass products to fans,in a short period of time for the product to bring higher exposure and conversion rate, if the product experience is good, these users may also take the initiative to pay attention to the brand account, become a loyal fan of the brand.

For brands who want to get greater benefits from social marketing, it is undoubtedly wise to have net red marketing to join the marketing strategy, but the ability to cooperate with the most appropriate net red is the key.