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How Amazon sellers can effectively reduce the return rate of products

How Amazon sellers can effectively reduce the return rate of products

Do e-commerce sellers, whether it is domestic e-commerce, or cross-border e-commerce, return is a problem that has to be considered.

Especially those clothing category products,return rate has been high,return has become a lot of Clothing category sellers the most difficult problem.

In the return process, if the product is returned intact, then Amazon will add the product to your FBA inventory again.

But if the packaging of the product or the product itself has a slight defect,then Amazon will be in the form of second-hand products, with the name of“Amazon Warehouse”hanging under your goods to sell, like the following form.↓↓↓

And if the return rate is too high,the performance of your account will also be affected, the return rate exceeds a certain standard, your product will be off the shelf may be.

So, as Amazon sellers, we have to do everything we can to reduce our return rate.

In fact, as a cross-border e-commerce platform, as with the domestic e-commerce platform, customers can only choose products through their own judgment on listing before getting the product in kind.

Because you can not see the physical object, so there will always be a misunderstanding of the meaning of listing or other reasons and lead to the return of the behavior occurs.

The seller to do,is in their own listing will likely lead to the return of all doubts dispel, from the product listing itself to do a good job in reducing the return rate of the basic work.

1, the indicators of goods should be marked clearly

This is the most critical for non-standard products.

For example, if you buy a plate, stationery, mouse and so on products, customers may be concerned only about its function and appearance.

But if you buy sheets quilt cover, furniture and so on products,then the size of the product is the elements that must be marked on the listing.↓↓↓

As another example,if you are selling a drill this has different power and function to distinguish the product, some of the functional parameters and accessories collocation of the product must also be reflected in detail.↓↓↓

For those product thickness may affect the customer's decision to buy the product, the thickness of the information must also be clearly displayed.↓↓↓

2, it is best to include a comparison chart of the product

What is the comparison chart of the product, the comparison chart is to compare their products and an object we all know with reference to the picture.

The picture of the product itself, sometimes it is impossible to accurately determine the size and other factors, but if you put the product next to a standard we all know, the size of the product will be clear at a glance.

For example, the following wallet products, placed next to the iphone for comparison, customers can immediately know its size is about how much.↓↓↓

There is also this suitcase product, but also by comparing with a 5 ' 10 " person, to show its true size.↓↓↓

3, the description of the product can not be false

Some sellers, in order to expand the sales of products, put their listing is written in the sky.

Many products themselves do not have the nature and characteristics, he all wrote to the product listing to go.

But what about when consumers get the product?

Finding out that your product is not as perfect as you say, returns or complaints are inevitable.

In the seller's background "voice of buyers" interface, you can clearly see some of the buyer's feedback on the product.↓↓↓

4, do a good job of customer service communication

After each return is generated, some customers can leave a review or Answer to feedback their opinions on the product.

But most customers will not have any operation, directly return.

So when there is a return occurs, the seller can try to get in touch with the customer through the form of a letter in the station.

In the order interface,you can enter the contact customer interface.↓↓↓

Among the several communication topics allowed by the station letter, communication because of refunds is allowed by Amazon communication reasons.

So the seller here do not have any concerns, direct contact is good.

In this way, when a buyer returns, you have a detailed registration of the reason for the return, your future product improvement is also very necessary.

I hope the above article can bring you a little harvest.

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