Thursday, 17 December 2020

How to use net red marketing more effectively?

 How to use net red marketing more effectively?

Net red marketing is not new.It's been many years.Recently, it has become a hot topic for marketers, probably because we realize that it is powerful, especially as an alternative to expensive and inefficient traditional advertising.What's more, consumers don't like to be advertised, and the credibility of marketing messages is getting worse.

What is net red?

One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is that they are people who have a lot of social media followers.This idea confuses influence with visibility.Influencing behavior requires a specific outcome: a change in thinking or behavior.Therefore, net red is a person who has the right to influence the views of others or make them do something different.

When you apply this definition to marketers, influencers are the ones who help others buy goods from you.How did they do it?Net Red must combine three key factors: coverage, background credibility, and sales skills.The higher these three factors,the greater the influence of the individual.

* Arrival: their ability to convey information to a large number of people.This can be the readership of a publication, the audience of a TV host, or the number of social followers someone has.Reach is important,but insufficient.People with low reach but high reputation and sales skills are called micro net red.

* Contextual credibility: the level of trust and authority given by listeners based on net red's cognitive knowledge and expertise on a particular topic.For example, a celebrity chef has a high reputation for recommending meals and a lack of credibility in other ways.

* Sales skills: presence and communication is that net red is able to understand and accept specific points of view.Some people seem to have extraordinary power to convince people to believe their point of view.They have the ability to explain things in a convincing way,are able to communicate messages clearly and express their views with confidence.This is the way to do Net red marketers power.

The easiest way to work with net red is to pay them.Advertisers have been using celebrities in their ads for decades.Marketers are essentially selling products with credibility and familiarity.This is a viable strategy,but this is not what we define as influencer marketing, which we call celebrity endorsements.Consumers know that actors or athletes are paid to promote the product, so its effectiveness is limited.