Wednesday, 16 December 2020

The United States e-commerce platform "melee", Chinese sellers can seize this wave of dividends?

 The United States e-commerce platform "melee", Chinese sellers can seize this wave of dividends?

2020 is a year full of crisis, 2020 is also a year full of opportunities.The global epidemic has led to the rapid development of e-commerce markets in many countries, the rise of a lot of emerging markets, but when it comes to which market is the most profitable, the answer is always the United States.

Colorful e-commerce platform

In 2019, the retail market in the United States, Wal-Mart ranked first, Amazon ranked second.And because of the epidemic, Wal-Mart this year's entire transfer to the online, in addition to its own goods have a good competitive advantage, but also to third-party businesses thrown an olive branch.

Shopify Shopify United States merchants can sell products on Wal-Mart's platform, Wal-Mart 2020 Q2 earnings show that e-commerce sales soared by 97%.

Shopify Shopify recently partnered with YouTube to test Shopify merchants selling goods directly on YouTube, and the data and Google's analysis and Shopping data to get through, ready to use the influence of the red people to open the National rhythm with goods.Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media will also appear on Wal-Mart's platform as a third-party merchant in the near future. 

Amazon also began this year to carry out the brand record sellers opened a free live (Amazon Live), the official upgrade shop live with goods system again, high-quality live stores will get the support of huge traffic platform, Amazon platform also officially entered the era of live with goods!

As the largest traffic search platform Google, also launched a short video Band cargo platform Shoploop in July this year, intends to do shopping in its own social platform closed loop, e-commerce traffic will be mainly in the internal cycle.

Reds marketing is replacing traditional marketing

From social to brand closed loop more and more perfect,with the admission of major media giants, Reds with goods model and social e-commerce in the United States such a giant market developed rapidly.With the help of reds and all kinds of social media, directly to the consumer.This form of marketing rules has a huge advantage for Chinese sellers with a complete supply chain advantage, and capital is also more favored in this form of cross-border e-commerce projects.

Compared to traditional marketing methods, Reds marketing can bring more accurate traffic users to the brand.In addition to their own traffic, red people's articles,videos, etc. are high-quality content, ranked higher in the corresponding Google Search Engine, social media platform, so you can get continuous search traffic.

Chinese sellers when entering in time

TikTok miraculously rise and with Shopify hand in hand will help to promote independent station businesses, even after the live with goods, will play a role in boosting.After all, according to CNBC, TikTok is already the 2nd most popular platform for teenagers in the United States, surpassing Instagram.

And now there are many Chinese cross-border practitioners to operate TikTok, which will further promote the rapid formation of the entire TikTok ecosystem.Not only are cross-border businesses,with the accelerated development of the entire overseas e-commerce and drainage "media", some KOL platform in Hangzhou such cities, but also set up a cross-border Live base.

But when the patterns become more diverse,in fact, the threshold will be higher.Entrepreneurs choose the right platform, access to traffic on the platform,operations, and supply chain capabilities can leave enough profit margins, these need to be more careful thinking.

Maidi marketing is deeply plowed in the red marketing platform,with overseas top traffic Reds 16.5 W+, involving all walks of life, conform to the general direction of the platform, through a high operating mode, to help sellers bring massive accurate traffic.