Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Under the new normal, Youtebe helps Chinese brands to build a new route to the sea

 Under the new normal, Youtebe helps Chinese brands to build a new route to the sea

In 2020, after a series of events that can change people's way of life, consumers have a new attitude towards brands.Consumers will be more rational when shopping, dependence on the brand will be higher, the direct impact of this point is the brand to pull the action of consumption with more prominent.After the brand increases the favorability of consumers to the brand and forms a relationship of trust with it, the brand can get more consumers to buy again.In the process of building a brand, cost-effective, brand-consumer relationship, Social Responsibility and other factors will play a key role.

In this case, Chinese overseas brands have to begin to answer a more difficult question-under the new normal, brand globalization into a new stage, how to reach more users in the process of building a global brand?How to go deep into the local market,do a good job of localization,in a more practical way to have a stronger resonance with consumers?How to more effectively transfer brand value,enhance transformation,achieve sustainable growth of products and results?

At the YouTube Brandcast conference held online on October 23, Didi, vivo and Lanting set potential as three representatives of Chinese overseas brands, gave their answers.

Didi:discover more market share

As a well-known online car brand in China, Didi has been seeking a breakthrough in overseas markets.Under the influence of the new normal, Didi hopes to maintain market share in Latin America.In this case, Didi started online marketing with Youtube.

Didi set up a $ 10 million fund to support ordinary workers such as drivers and riders affected by special periods of life, and used the YouTube platform to promote the image of these ordinary workers, even if their lives are affected, they are still maintaining the operation of the city.The online marketing campaign called“Didi hero", so that Didi in Latin America to gain a higher brand trust, in fact, also captured the new normal consumer brand an important new demand-social responsibility.

Didi through cooperation with YouTube, efficiently expand the coverage of the target customer, data show that Didi cooperation with YouTube, the coverage of the target customer expanded by 20%; compared with the market benchmark, Didi per thousand impressions cost efficiency increased by 20%.In addition, Didi hope also want to be able to measure the effectiveness of advertising, and intuitive advertising effectiveness, and these two points rely on YouTube technology can be met.

The final results show that Didi not only successfully hold the market share in Latin America, but also increased the brand memory by 24%, the favorability of Didi brand also increased by 14%, and consider registering as a Didi driver willingness increased by 9%.

In the face of increased uncertainty this year, companies need to pay more attention to the shaping of brand globalization.And a sea brand to survive well in the local,it must compete with other global brands and localized brands, on the basis of becoming a global brand with local, and local consumers have emotional resonance.

vivo: establish emotional maintenance,localize the spread of samples

Didi in the efficient coverage of the target user achievements, and in the new stage of globalization, the sea brand not only have to cover the global breadth, but also have a local depth, through the output in line with the taste of the audience localized marketing content, stimulate user interest, in order to achieve the best communication results, to achieve marketing goals.

vivo hopes that its new high-end phone X50 can enter the Southeast Asian market, further enhance the brand influence, to achieve the goal of brand localization.The solution given by YouTube is to connect with the target audience first and then impress those audiences with different creative stories.With Google's in-depth insight into online behaviors and hobbies of internet users, as well as Google's powerful audience targeting solutions, vivo targets the most valuable consumers in the Southeast Asian market:technology enthusiasts, fashionistas, professional photographers, urban explorers.YouTube has produced and optimized 11 creative video stories for these four different groups.

On the basis of these 11 parent videos, YouTube and through creative solutions tool Director Mix, derived more than 50 customized creative works, so that vivo video advertising can meet the needs of different groups, and can be more accurate to impress these groups.

Under the strategy of”thousands of people and thousands of faces", these video ads that are highly relevant to specific audiences in Southeast Asia have an excellent response.According to vivo, in the Philippines market, YouTube advertising in brand considerations to achieve a 4.8% growth, the arrival rate is 3.4% higher than traditional TV advertising.It also proves that inspiring brand ideas can allow overseas brands to communicate more deeply with their target customers and establish stronger connections between their target customers and brands.

Lanting set potential:product efficiency in one contrarian comeback

Another case is the Lanting set potential.Lanting ji potential is a cross-border e-commerce enterprise that has been established for nearly 13 years.Its business covers the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other more than 200 countries and regions around the world, to provide global consumers with clothing, home improvement, consumer electronics and other categories of products.

Under the new normal, on the one hand, consumer demand for daily necessities surged, on the other hand, consumers spend a sharp rise in the time spent on the internet.Embracing online has become a trend for global brands to chase.So Lanting set potential believes that there is still a need to continue to take the initiative to output the brand to strengthen the target customer's awareness of Lanting set potential, strengthen the interaction between the brand and consumers.

In this regard, YouTube has produced more than 260 advertising videos for Lanting Group potential, highlighting the brand in the video, and according to the different scenes of the target customer using video material, in order to meet the real needs of the target customer in a particular scene.For example, positioning the home needs to exercise the target customer, when watching YouTube videos recommended Lanting set potential sports equipment is promoting video advertising.

With the help of YouTube, Lanting set potential brand search in Google Search increased by 100%, in the second quarter of 2020, combined with YouTube advertising in the form of Google Search and exploration advertising group, than no YouTube with the advertising group conversion rate is 19 times higher, Lanting set potential second quarter total revenue eventually broke $ 100 million, an increase of 95.9%

From the above cases, it is not difficult to see that under the new normal, global markets and consumer habits have changed a lot, and the uncertainty caused by the“black swan”event continues.

But as the saying goes,“never change”, the core of the brand's appeal to the sea is always inseparable from the search for new markets, cover new users, communicate with local consumers, quality and efficiency of these points, and these demands can be achieved through YouTube.

This stems, on the one hand, from its extensive influence and, on the other, from its excellent digital technology.In the era of internet technology so developed, marketing has long become no longer abstract,all sensibility need rational companionship,all artistic sense full of advertising behind science in the support,embrace YouTube, perhaps a good start to the brand to sea.