Saturday, 19 December 2020

Users find Windows 10's high CPU usage brought by Intel Driver Assistant tool

 Users find Windows 10's high CPU usage brought by Intel Driver Assistant tool

Earlier this month, both Microsoft and Intel released updates for Windows 10.Although these vendors for Windows 10 updates bring many fixes, but also seems to introduce a serious performance problem, users in the completion of normal tasks will find high CPU usage, but also in the slow down to let the game frame rate drops.

After two updates pushed this month-the 10 December update and the driver and software Assistant tool update-many users reported a spike in CPU usage.

In some cases, the problem lies in Windows 10 KB4592438, and uninstalling the update should solve this problem.At the same time, there is another high CPU usage error, which is caused by Intel drivers and software assistant tools (DSA).

Users have been complaining on Reddit that their computers are now surprisingly high CPU usage,and the process in question is"DSAService".DSAService is included in Intel's software update tool for Windows 10,and it often runs in the background, which leads to high CPU usage for some people.

"High CPU and disk usage......I can't even watch streaming and video properly when it attacks.In desperation only uninstalled that program, " one user noted in a Reddit post.

This problem may be caused by DSAService(DSAService.exe) caused by the update, it caused about 50-100% of the CPU peak,as well as the graphics card to play the game FPS decline.At the same time, it is possible that Intel'S DSA has a problem in the latest version of Windows 10, which is why some users randomly see high CPU usage.

Fortunately, users have found a simple solution to the problem-uninstall Intel software or cumulative update KB4592438, and then temporarily suspend the update.As always, before uninstalling cumulative updates, make sure you take a backup first.It is possible that Intel and Microsoft are already aware of the problem and they are working on a solution that will be applied automatically via Windows Update or Intel DSA.