Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Why choose Amazon Live (Amazon Live)

 Why choose Amazon Live (Amazon Live)

What is Amazon Live (Amazon Live)?

The Amazon Live Creator app helps brands connect with shoppers through live products.Customers can chat live with brand owners during the live stream and easily shop for the products on display.

Why use it?

In addition to the in-store retail experience, video is one of the best ways for consumers to make informed buying decisions.90%of users said product videos were helpful in the decision-making process.In addition, 76% of consumers and 85%of millennials said they purchased a product or service after watching a video.Videos are very useful because they:

Help demonstrate use cases

Can more accurately represent details and features that the photo may not be able to capture

Can help fill the gaps left by photo and copy restrictions

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty

In addition to pre-recorded videos, the Amazon Live Creator feature has other advantages:

Shoppers can easily shop for items next to the video player

You can interact directly with shoppers and answer questions in real time

Share promo codes and deals to boost sales

Frequently asked questions

Q: where does the live broadcast appear?

A: several places...

Product detail page in live products: it must be noted that you must register with Amazon's Brand Registry to be eligible,and your product must be displayed on the detail page.There are also certain categories that do not allow live streams to appear on the details page, but they will appear on the Amazon Live Home page.

Your Amazon Store: to do this, you must send an email to the Amazon Live team for more details.

Amazon Live Home page: Livestreams will live here for at least 48 hours for free.However, depending on the degree of saturation of the category may be, the video can be displayed longer.

Q: Do I need to spend money?

A: creating a video in Amazon Live Creator is free, however, you can pay to increase the visibility of the video, which is similar to other Amazon ads.Promotion is only available to brand owners who use the Seller Center and have the right to serve ads within the Seller Center.

Q:How does this help me?

A: the product you want to show will be displayed next to the live stream, making it easy to shop.

Q: my agent will make the video on my behalf.Can they do it?

A: yes!You can create a guest creator account so that agents, influencers or brand reps can create live videos on your behalf.